South Pacific Travel Adventures Epilogue *NEW*

Hi Gail,

I read last night on your website one of your adventures around the world and appreciate the way you related your stay here in Tahiti and your voyage from here to the Tuamotus and Marquisas islands in the summer of 1963 by schooner NAMOIATA.

I'm captain Robert MAKER's son and discovered my dad's picture and all the pictures published. I know all these people on board and the people you describe as Paniora ALVAREZ used by al the local captains to pilot the ship into the island of TAKAROA.

I was 16 in 1963 a young boy and as usual my dad took me on NAMOIATA serving on the ship as aide subrécargue during my school holidays and was among all those people you describe. Tahu, Bonnard. I think all the sailors you met on board passed away except Remuera ALVAREZ still living in TAKAROA. It's amazing to read your adventures remembering by the same way all the wonderful moments I personnaly share with all those people.

In 1966, I served for 30 years as member of the local administration for all the maritime activities leading the social security system from all the seamen working on those ships sailing around the whole country and retire in 2002 at 55.

I also serve since 1983 as deputy mayor in the city of FAA'A, the city where the international airport is located. I'm still serving as deputy mayor with Oscar TEMARU our mayor who is one the main local political leader in our country.

My dad passed away in 1983, july 27 1983, of a cerebral vascuiar accident at 59. He was so young and I still share all the wonderful moments we spend together in my chilhood.

Thank you for the wonderful way you write your adventures.

Robert MAKER

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